Where Are the Missing Millions?

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated 10 million people became sick with tuberculosis (TB). When you delve into their Global TB Report, you find that countries reported diagnosing 6.4 million people with TB; this begs the question, What about the remaining 3.6 million people?

In this accountability tool, ACTION explains succinctly where the missing millions live and why they are "missing." The tool also offers a prescription for solving the problem: six action that governments, civil society, affected communities, and the private sector must take to find the missing millions.

  1. Train, pay, and support community health workers to find TB
  2. Engage civil society and affected communities
  3. Integrate TB screening into people’s first point of healthcare
  4. Invest in appropriate tools and diagnostics
  5. Increase funding for national TB programs
  6. Harness the reach of the private sector