Seizing the Opportunity: Recommendations for Gavi 5.0

To maximise the impact of Gavi 5.0, we require renewed and improved policies on equity, transition, CSO engagement and access, whilst making tangible commitments to ensuring the immunisation lies at heart of efforts to strengthen Primary Health Care (PHC) and achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 'Seizing the Opportunity: Recommendations for Gavi 5.0', authored by organisations in the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership, outlines the policy commitments needed to overcome stagnating global immunisation rates and accelerate progress on achieving equitable access to lifesaving early childhood vaccines. 

Building on the success of previous strategic periods, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s (Gavi) new strategy for 2021–2025 sets out key priorities to deliver on its mission. Included among these priorities are (a) a focus on unvaccinated and under-immunised children, with equity as the organising principle and (b) more tailored and targeted approaches for Gavi-eligible countries. Gavi 5.0 is a decisive moment for the Alliance to deliver on its commitments to reach the furthest left behind, vaccinate 300 million additional children — especially the “zero-dose” children — and prevent 7–8 million deaths.