Donor Immunization Record

ACTION has released a ‘Donor Immunization Record’ to track whether donors are delivering on their commitments to the GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership working to increase access to immunizations in developing countries.

GAVI Donor Immunization Record

In June 2011, the world committed an additional $US 4.3 billion to GAVI, which enabled GAVI to commit to averting 4 million future deaths by 2015. Since then, GAVI has been on pace to reach almost a quarter billion additional children in 50 countries with new vaccines by 2015.

The accountability tool found that many GAVI donors are on track to fulfill their commitments, but Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the United States are still on the hook to deliver promised funding, while urgent follow up is necessary to ensure eight countries – including Australia, the European Union, and Japan – extend their current pledges to 2015.

The record’s release coincides with GAVI’s Mid-Term Review, which marks the halfway point in GAVI’s 2011-2015 strategy, and provides an opportunity to build off GAVI’s public evaluation of its successes and challenges with a closer look at where donors stand in making and fulfilling pledges to GAVI.

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