ACTION Strategic Framework, 2017-2021

ACTION believes in a world where all people have equitable access to health, and it is our mission to influence policy and mobilize resources to fight diseases of poverty and achieve equitable access to health. Learn how ACTION plans to achieve its vision over the next five years in the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership Strategic Framework, 2017-2021.

Over the five years from 2017 through 2021, the world’s people will decide whether to work toward the full ambition for a more equitable, healthy, and balanced planet that was put forth in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); to accept a status quo where progress is possible, but deliberate and pervasive inequity still means that each child’s opportunity for a healthy start depends heavily on where and to whom she is born; or to reject the principles of global solidarity altogether. There are political movements pulling in all three directions all over the world.

In this context, the ACTION global health advocacy partnership commits to enhancing our impact, influence, and partnership, so we can galvanize political will to achieve the ambitious sustainable development agenda. Our specific role will be to build, expand, and maintain the movements that drive progress toward health equity.